mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"With mirth and good sport/ to drive the wet summer away"

The goth movement happened when I was in Japan when I was, yanno, watching Japanese television and didn't register it. Far as I knew, goths were the guys in Italy and Spain whose king Theodoric used to play chess with Sidonius Apollinaris. (He let the king win.) Was all kinds of confused when tammylee said something about being a Goth when she was in uni. I later understood it had something to do with gothic, but that to me means Horry Walpole and Mrs. Radcliffe and wasn't much help.

Today, however, the two goths have met. Am only amazed the histories make no mention of the Invisigoths. "...the ones who sacked Rome, but nobody saw them do it." Worthy of Python.

(Also Shakespearian cuteness.)
Tags: history, humour

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