mjj (flemmings) wrote,

In the bottom of the winecup

Drink enough wine and anything looks like a good idea.

1) I shall go back to Japan in November with shiny_monkey. This will be the last time I go as my joints stiffen into immovable calcified masses. I shall take a chunk of change from my capital and spring for a business class seat. Of course, then I won't be flying *with* shiny_monkey which is the whole point of the exercise, because I think I could take the grinding terror and boredom of a 14 hour flight if I was with somebody, whereas I don't know if I could do it alone even in a business class seat.

2) I shall go to France next year with the s-i-l to attend one of the third cousins' once removed's wedding. We will meet my bro in Paris afterwards because, while he can bear France, just, he can't bear the Family at all.

3) I shall take a chunk of change from my capital and have the mudroom at the back of my house ripped off and replaced with something solid that has a powder room. And echo answers Hahahahahaha. Not in *this* town you won't. All the good carpenters and contractors are in Calgary, and the rest are in Edmonton.

But a girl can dream, can't she? Especially when she's drunk half a litre of wine. Dreaming, a king, but waking, no such matter.
Tags: dreams, place, rl_08

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