mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mugggeeeee changes eh--vry--thing

Geography is identity for me, but so is climate.

I bought The Truth a fortnight ago, and would have read it then except that I don't like to have my Vetinari books too close together, and had just finished Going Postal and Making Money back to back. So went and did witches back to back instead. Started The Truth earlier this week in the unseasonable coolness. But seasonable July intervened, plus two 9:30 to 6 days, plus troubled sleep and a string of bloody five am wakings.

And now Pratchett reads like something immensely long ago and far away and 'wasn't I doing that last November?' He doesn't address who I am just now at all. Clearly I must wait for next week's coolness before I start again.

(A Japanese phrase I've never understood- hantoshi mae 半年前, half a year ago. Things are always happening 'about a half a year ago' in Japanese, the way they happen 'a few months back' in English ie it's an instinctive time span to them. But me I don't have a mental or emotional concept called six months ago; the few months back are always three or four; and I'd have to stop and think when six months ago was if I were speaking Japanese. My time sense has 'now', and a few months ago (which would be April if it's now July) and before that 'last winter' and 'last year in the fall.')
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