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Loose end

July is a break from the incessant allergies except when spring is late or cool or exceptionally rainy or early or hot or... well, July really isn't a break from the incessant allergies, OK? Nor am I the only one around with the Throat Tickle of Doom or the gucky lungs or the vanishing voice or the absolute inability to wake up completely ever and that's before antihistamines. Thus only a few scattered thorts.

1. My reaction to Carpe Jugulum so far is 'Isn't this reminsicent of Poe no Ichizoku?' A sane portion of my mind says I haven't read enough of Poe no Ichizoku to know, but the rest of me is saying Vampire family arrives in coach, that's Poe no Ichizoku.

2. *Why* is Fruits Basket so impenetrable in Japanese? I go back to Kurotsubaki 8 and its historical info dumps (latest: the peripatetic history of the Bishamonten jinja in Tokyo) and it's all plain sailing. Kyou's classmates or yanki girls in Tokyo? Might as well be in Korean.

3. Cohen's Everybody Knows reminds me of Cohen's much earlier Diamonds in the Mine. No one else can make despair sound downright cheerful.

4. At one point I was mad enough to install lj toys. Uninstalled it years ago. When the broadband slows down, as it does this weekend, I can see it slowing to load lj toys. This certainly happens when I load my Flist so I'm hoping it's one of my FL's toys, but I've seen it happening with my own page. What does one have to do to get the thing uninstalled and stayed uninstalled?
Tags: lj, manga_08, pratchett, rl_08

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