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Back in the days when I still had hormones, Day 1 was always a write-off, so if I had the leisure (ie if it was a weekend) I simply called it a write-off. Lay on sofa with hot water bottle and Johnson cocktail and a good manga, had occasional recourse to electric cramp-removal device, assumed I'd accomplish nothing, nado nado. This made the experience much pleasanter and occasionally allowed me to accomplish stuff.

I shall adopt the same approach to July. To be survived, not utilized (even when, as this year so far, it hasn't pulled any ten-day 37+C endurance trials.) Thus your external link for the day:

Here. Mostly about live action women, fandom being as it is.

And this from the comments, succinct statement of common knowledge
I suppose the problem overall is that if a man has a flaw then he's a flawed character, while if a woman has a flaw she's a flawed woman. So maybe in fandom we feel like we can't afford to tolerate "weak" female characters, because there is a tendency for a character who's a woman or member of a minority to be seen by people who are not women or members of that minority as standing for the character's whole perceived group.
But people actually liked Troi and Crusher? That live action staple, the fraught thin woman, is so not my thing. Down-to-earth Drinks-With-Klingons Pulaski all the way for me. Thing being, Syrtis in her own (Australian I believe) voice is marvellous, but as Troi she went all tight-voiced and flat, as though being strangled. I kept wanting to tell her to breathe from the diaphragm and put some resonance in there. It's my quarrel with American TV: the tight white female voice that speaks from no lower than the upper throat. Thin, scratchy, incapable of taking a deep breath-- you don't have to take a voice like that seriously. Black women don't do that; even white British women can speak from the diaphragm and French women always do. So what's with the American WASP thing?

(Western female VAs are another problem. Not always thin and gaspy, no, but the Disney 'warm' richness gives me hives. Hate it with a passion.)
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