mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Making Money

Whatever Pterry may or may not have known about Japan when he wrote Interesting Times, he now knows a lot more. I shall cherish the sight of Lord Vetinari taking 17 seconds to finish a Jikan no Muda puzzle.

Speculation on the discworld lj community is that Vetinari is grooming Moist as his successor. I devoutly hope not. Moist in this one comes off as about as dumb as Rincewind, and as likely to lose control of events. Would Vetinari truly leave the government of his city to someone whose mouth runs ahead of his brain so regularly? Moist doesn't think, than which I at least can hardly conceive of a greater character flaw. If it turns out that Vetinari sees it differently, then I've been reading Vetinari wrong all these, uhh, months.
Tags: pratchett

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