mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Going Postal

Damn, what a good book. I thought nothing could replace Vetinari vs Vimes in my affections, but Vetinari vs Moist is a winner.

Only trouble with mainlining these books is not remembering what happens where. Is it in Men at Arms that Vimes arrests Vetinari, or somewhere else?

(Reading in the front bedroom by the window on this humid afternoon while the surprisingly cool breeze blew in and grey argosies of washy clouds floated past, the bit of my brain that wasn't in Ankh-Morpork was seeing forgotten bits of Japan, streets in Ueno or fields in Shizuoka. Must be the repetition of 'moist' that did it.)

Err- now that I have an extra paperback copy of Thud, do you want it or should I stick it out on the lawn for someone to take?
Tags: japan, pratchett, rl_08

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