mjj (flemmings) wrote,

That Flow, that Flow, that (mh!) good Flow--

--that Flow gonna rise some day.

So I get my paycheque and its pittance, and it isn't raining, and I do have an hour at my disposal, and I have the bike as well...

...so I go over to the Blue'n'white Bookstore and get the British-Canuck edition of Thud! Which is a thing of beauty and has the Ghastly Symbol on the endpapers and really youse guys should have a word with Harper about the awful things they did to Mr. Pratchett's book.

(When I was there the other day not buying Thud! I saw an edition of Phantastes. Occurred the following dialogue:
Me: Gotta have! Gotta have!
Other Me: You *do* have. Not only Phantastes but this exact edition.
Me: No, I have the other one. Lilith. Whatever. This has a foreword by CS Lewis and the other one doesn't.
Other Me: But it's the same cover.
Me: No, the covers are similar because they're matching editions. Looka here, the style's totally different. Lilith or whatever is unreadable.
Other Me: I still think you already have this.
Me: And I'll go home and get it off the shelf and it'll be the other book. And come back here and it'll be gone because look, see, this is a throw-out bin. You know this always happens.
Other Me: Oh alright, buy it, but I still say that's half the price of Thud right there.
I went home and of course what did I have on my shelf but the same edition of Phantastes, unreadable and with a foreword by Lewis.)

So I go back to work with Thud weighing down my backpack, and actually get off early for once, so I could theoretically get an early sitting at Sushi on Bloor except that menacing clouds are rolling in so I have to bicycle very fast back home drattit.

And in my mailbox is a thin square package wrapped in gift-wrap. It's my copy of Where's My Cow? Which is *not* a tie-in kid's book like I thought. No indeedy. It's an illustrated picture book and it has OMG a picture of Vetinari!

Where's my Daddy?
Is that my Daddy?
It goes "Don't let me detain you."
It is Lord Vetinari! He rules the city!
He looks like Gou Jian!
Really don't let him detain you!

Thank you very much, mvrdrk! I love it and shall treasure it always!
Tags: pratchett, reading_08, rl_08

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