mjj (flemmings) wrote,

So mvrdrk sent me a DVD of The Butterfly Lovers and I've been watching it in spurts. Spurting partly because Shanghai opera music (I'm assuming that's what this version is?) is terribly catchy and I get the most awful earworm from it; and partly because the DVD has no subtitle options. The case says it does- in Japanese as well if you want it- but no menu appears at the start. We just go straight into Chinese subtitles which I then squint at hoping to make some kind of sense of the things. And it works 'cause by the time the heroine got to lamenting at her lover's tomb I was able to make out most of what the lamentation was about. So I finished the opera tonight. Then I was presented with the subtitle menu. Argh.

(To combat Shanghai opera earworms, I have recourse to the Sen to Chihiro Image Album and the cheerfully lugubrious Aburaya. Sounds similar but I know what it's saying.)
Tags: music, sentochihiro, techy, wuxia

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