mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wretched excess

I have a perfectly good copy of Thud. British-Canadian paperback, bought new from independent Book City and not scuzzy Indigo or amazon, and thus not merely good but virtuous. But I have a preference for hardcovers, and when I was told the blue'n'white used bookstore on Bloor had Pratchett in hardcover I went to look. They do. The American edition (and remaindered, not second hand.) Which bought, and read during last Sunday's thunderstorm. The typos are as WTF as they're reputed to be, to the point that certain sentences make no sense at all. Figured at some point I'd do a reread from the paperback and correct the text: because I still prefer to read in hardcover.

Erm. Was there again today. They have the remaindered British Thud in hardcover.

Which I haven't bought.

Tags: pratchett
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