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Woxin WTFery

Watching last DVD. Could never remember what happens to Agent Of Wu! Jie Zi Bao. Discover that his end is shrouded in similar mystery to Brute 2's. I'd suppressed the fact that what we actually see happen is this:

Wen Zhong, all repentant: I deserve to die!
Gou Jian: You don't deserve to die but someone here does.
(Generals including Zhu Ji Ying look nervous, and with this Gou Jian, who can blame them?)
Gou Jian: Jie Zi Bao, you are a traitor! You have sold yourself to Wu!
Gou Jian: (as per subtitles) I should send you home right now.
(Cut to something utterly unrelated in Wu.)

I figure Zhu Ji Ying then runs him through or something, but sheesh. The cutting on this disk is so ham-handed it's treyf.

(Yes I'll go look at the Chinese subtitles some day-- I assume 'send you home' is the same 'send him on his way' euphemism as he used later with Bo Pi?-- but for now I just want to howl my annoyance to a sympathetic audience.)

Also Gou Jian and Yan Ying is beyond creepy. It's wrong. How could Gou Jian be so sure Yan Ying wouldn't run him through? Yeah, he keeps backing away as Gou Jian advances. But turning his back on him-- that was a risk. It was a risk he really shouldn't have taken, given Yan Ying's desperate state. This isn't Wen Zhong prepared to die for a good cause: it's Gou Jian prepared to die for nothing. He's either borderline mad in his self-assurance or-- an idea I'm starting to play with-- just a touch suicidal. In a 13 Clocks way-- 'he kept tinkering with the clocks to see if they would go, praying that they wouldn't.'
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