mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The black dog

"There's Grant*," someone says, and I look out the front window at work, and there indeed is Grant, taking Sophie to the daycare around the corner. Two year old Sophie is several yards ahead of him, riding on the back of her little black pet dog. Which she doesn't have, of course: their real dog was large and heavy and brown'n'white.

There are always babies or toddlers somewhere in my dreams, whatever the dream is actually about, but almost never ones I really know. This is at least the second time for a Sophie dream; the last one had her aged closer to the schoolgirl she is, with a pink plastic bicycle helmet. Dr. Jung...?

The dream that followed the black dog one was about eating little cakes in a small crowded confiserie in an English department store, with people trying to take over my table and even crowd me off my chair.

*names changed, obviously
Tags: dreams

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