mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh, piggy piggy!

It was a week of postal happiness.
  • Tuesday was WARD 003 and (snerf) Kenren and (sniff) Goujun
  • Wednesday was a book of crostics that breaks the basic rule of crostics which is clues and crostic on the same page dammit (why bind spiral if I have to have the book laid flat two-page?)
  • Thursday was タブーの漢字学, The study of taboo kanji, about the substitution of one kanji for another in China and Japan because the first kanji has unpleasant or, more likely, ill-omened associations. The associations may be obscure to modern readers. The Yoshiwara district was once the Ashiwara (reed field) district but changed its name because the reed 'ashi' 葦 sounded like 悪し, bad or evil in its older (adjectival?) form.
  • Friday was the last Papuwa and Kurotsubaki 8. The last Papuwa on a fast skim brings everyone back and ends with Shintaro x Kintaro in colour; and K8 on a fast skim is all about someone who isn't Kochou. Unless Kawasou's style has changed abruptly between 7 & 8.

It was not of course a week of credit card joy, but really, only the equivalent of three meals out with wine and tip.
Tags: japanese, karin_mangaka, papuwa, rl_08, saiyuki_gaiden

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