mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hot Sunday

The zombie meme that everyone is doing

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:
1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

My unconsidered response:

1. Mall? Err- will the Loblaws Superstore do?
2. My bicycle doesn't have speakers.
3. The zombies: 'The' in English, if there's no following explanatory phrase or previous defining mention, refers to something we both know about- 'a cat' is any cat, 'the cat' is specifically the cat I mentioned before, or if I didn't mention it before, a cat I've spoken about so often that you automatically know which cat I mean. There's been no previous mention of zombies here or anywhere, hence I don't know what zombies you're referring to. Please be more precise. Or change the sentence to read 'zombies.'

Have I said that I don't get the zombie fascination either? Much less than vampires, who can be made to be sexy, or kick-ass women, who occasionally act like human beings. What's the appeal of decomposing bodies?

Also, Wyrd Sisters was good. That's back in the groove again.

Also on last disc of Woxin. Much more painful than the first time. Ohh Gou Jian, how the old scars cripple you. Something I realized before, in the last episodes where he goes to see Ya Yu and Fan Li. What he's doing there, unconsciously but obviously, is acting. I think he means what he says- that he's sorry about Xi Shi, that he wants to mend the falling-out with Ya Yu and Fan Li- but he's acted a part so long, he's had to not be himself to such a degree, that now he can't be natural even with those two. He had to calculate and second-guess for so long that now he can't not do it-- calculate how he looks, how he sounds, how his words will come across, how the other will react, no matter who he's talking to. It makes him look and sound manipulative, and maybe he is. Not by choice but because the manipulation that kept him alive has become a reflex. I'd thought that having Ya Yu with him would give him one place where he could go back to being himself, where he could touch base with what's real; but it didn't work like that.

And it's really, *really* nicely conveyed. Go Uncle Ming. Only, you know, heart-breaking. Only, you know, heart-breaking in a way far removed from the usual bloody tragedy or grinding oppression.

ETA: Sad news, sad news, to old England came. End of Radiofreebanri. So long, Banri and Ensui, and thanks for all the fish. You guys were a riot.
Tags: meme, pratchett, saiyuki, woxin

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