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Jane and the Barque of Frailty
Jane and the Man of the Cloth

Thief of Time
Men at Arms
The Fifth Elephant
Feet of Clay

Gravel kingdom
Kurotsubaki 5&7, rereads, 1,2&6

Wrote nothing except some Woxin fragments, watched nothing but one disk of Woxin and maybe a relook at bits of Hero. Failed again to finish The Ionian Mission, which I failed to get into last fall as well. Some Aubrey/Maturin simply doesn't like me (see The Mauritius Command.)

Still, I suppose it's respectable enough for a month that was half sinus lurgey and penicillin, and half work. I still wish I was one of those people who reads 200 pages in ninety minutes rather than in two consecutive days.

nojojojo struggling with her editor's requests for rewrites somehow puts me in mind of a Hasidic fable about a country rabbi who suffered a series of misfortunes, ending with the death of his wife. When his wife died the rabbi gave a sigh, and at once an angel appeared saying 'Because you have sighed against the Lord your God you will never enter Paradise.' (Am not sure when the Jewish deity became calvinist, but on this evidence He did.) "Now blessed be He," said the rabbi. "Before I served Him from hope of reward but now I will serve Him from love alone."

Which is to say, thank small-g god nothing hinges on me finishing this story.
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