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While the broadband still holds

(Is it my connection or does lj load like molasses in IE?)

Reading Interesting Times and chortling over Rincewind's troubles with tones. This because there was a volunteer at work yesterday who knows some Chinese of one kind and was taking classes in the other. "We had an exercise in talking about yourself and my teacher couldn't stop laughing. Seems I kept saying 'I am an onion.'"

Also reading Kurotsubaki 5, wherein our otoko-rashii hero maintains that all modern geisha are unnatural because, by classical lights, they're too tall. It's been a year since I read the other books and so I did some quick rereads for background, and noticed something that escaped me completely first time through.

Our heroine is the daughter of a top geisha dancer and a top kabuki onnagata. Onnagata was happily married and had three sons, but none have inherited his talent. Heroine has. Father's family is now pressuring her to marry the oldest son and at least pass the talent down to the next generation. Son shows up to plead his case and if necessary try a spot of rape. Not his fault-- he's possessed, but that's another story.

Um, guys? These two are half-sibs and this is *not* the Nara period. Different mothers or no different mothers, I didn't think half-sibs were allowed to marry in modern day Japan.
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