mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles"

I have no hormones left to rage, was my understanding of the process, but they seem to be raging nonetheless. Sadness.

"We met this woman from Montreal," my American housemates in Tokyo said one day. "She really hated Americans. Really hated Americans. Do *you* hate Americans?"

When I'd recovered from my moment's shock I said, "I'm from Toronto, so if I did I wouldn't tell you." I could have been more specific, because some Torontonians are quite upfront on these things- it varies by cultural background- but one must simplify for the layperson.

Of course what I really wanted to say was an irritated "You bet. They ask asshole questions like 'do you hate Americans?'" But I'm Torontonian- that kind of Torontonian- and I was simply incapable of doing it.

Americans are quite capable of doing it. I see them doing it today all over livejournal. I'm half-tempted to weigh in, because some of the thinking is so very *wrong*. Then I remember I'm Torontonian and don't do things like that- even if I occasionally wish I was from Montreal and did- and the people I admire don't either.

So sigh, shrug, Ils sont fous, ces Américains.' (toc toc)
Tags: rl, wank
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