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Woolgathering a minute or so ago, I realized I'd reversed the classic Julius Caesar line about 'the evil that men do lives after them/ The good is oft interred with their bones'. But I could swear there's a quote, not necessarily Shakespeare, more or less to the effect of 'let the evil he did be buried with him and let us remember only the good.' That thought if (certainly) not those words. Can't pin it down more precisely. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

Poem by Yeats that I can't quote in its entirety because it's anti-semitic. *Throwaway* anti-semitic, which I think makes it worse. I allow dead poets to be assholes, like Pound, as long as they leave their assholery out of their poems. Or at least out of their good poems. Yeats didn't. Pooh on Yeats.

But the last verse is the best anyway:

The priests have got a book that says
But for Adam's sin
Eden's Garden would be there
And I there within.
No expectation fails there,
No pleasing habit ends,
No man grows old, no girl grows cold,
But friends walk by friends.
Who quarrels over halfpennies
That plucks the trees for bread?
What shall I do for pretty girls
Now my old bawd is dead?
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