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Over at OTF_W the talk that began with lunch box wank veers off into the stuff imaginative kids get up to, and someone remarks
The last time my daughter broke into an extended song sequence the character she spent 20 minutes singing about (to the tune of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt) was Canadian cold War era Prime Minister John Deifenbaker.
Hope for the future, I say. I know adults who've never heard of Dief the chief. (And the poster *did* spell his name wrong. Just sayin'.)

Plus macros.

Someone recently was sneering at the commercial where a woman's sobbing at the trauma of having to take her calcium pills-- every week, was it?-- and being told that hallelujah there's a way you only have to take them once a month. And I agreed- trauma my left hind foot. Only, only-- even before I went on the mandatory two weeks off supplements before surgery, I found myself thinking This is getting a bit much.

My breakfast is liquid because I hate solids in my stomach that early, and some days most of my liquid breakfast goes in swallowing my supplements. 1 cal-mag 3x a day, 1 glucosamine sulfate 3x a day, 1 vitamin D; that's the basic stuff. More often than not, one Evening Primrose for twingy wrists; post-surgery, one multi-vitamin; soon as warm weather starts, one prescripion diuretic for swelling feet and then one potassium capsule to offset the diuretic. (Stuns me that the accepted treatment for edema is diuretics. Seems there should be another way of treating the root causes.) I've given up on the gingko biloba at least, but there's always anti-histamines/ sinus meds/ arthritis pain meds that can throw at least one more pill into the cocktail. So yeah- one dose of calcium a month- or even one dose a week- would make my life a lot simpler.
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