mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Serendipity on a rainy Sunday

Ya see, when a random Saiyuki fan quotes Siegfried Sassoon over at radiofreebanri (and I have to google to discover it *is* Sassoon though I could have guessed WW1 poet, which is the extent of *my* reading) natch you must follow her back to her lj where you find a fannishly omnivorous Spanish woman expatiating (in English, envious sigh) on her top 100 tragic heroes, with reasons why she thinks them so.

It's graphics heavy and my machine has taken a distaste to pictures, and she hasn't disabled those damned preview things, which slows it down more, hence style=mine throughout. Still fascinating. Aside from all the western live action charas I don't know, we have cases for the Water Margin guys (mostly from the giggle-worthy Japanese version thereof), Elric, Eroica, Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Maturin, Vincent Valentine, Reinhard von Musel with an umlaut, Corwin of Amber and (discuss) The Doctor.

List of the first 40 is here. Discussion of the whys and wherefores, with heavy citation of Aristotle, is here.

1. Wonder if I could get her to watch Woxin?
2. I want to be a European when I grow up.

ETA: More lists, of hated books this time. 'Anything by Ayn Rand. "Some read Ayn Rand and get over it, others are men."' (Mind you, if you spell it Virginia Wolff, or Hemmingway, or American 'Phsyco(sp?)', you don't get to hate them. I don't and I do.)
Tags: fandom, reading, saiyuki_gaiden

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