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'You had the flu,' my doctor says about my cough and dark-night-of-the-soul last week. 'Good thing you got a flu shot so you didn't have the whole high fever and ache routine.' Yes, I had that when I got the flu shot itself, but oh well. 'You'll feel better next week.' In fact I feel better now, and prove it by staying two hours past closing to babysit for a co-ordinating cttee meeting, which for the first time in anyone's memory involves sitting babies. Two of them. I won't flaunt my specialist's knowledge by explaining in detail why one person sitting a pair of year-old not-quite-walkers (who are not her own) from 6 pm to 8 is a virtuoso feat, but it was a virtuoso feat, and I'm never doing it again thank you very much.

Yesterday's melt did indeed become oceans of glare ice covering the sidewalks inches thick. This winter has sucked so hard it probably strained its cheek muscles.

I was talking to A the other day about slash and BL. She said something to the effect that even with the most mundane shoujo romance you double the erotic interest merely by changing the girl character into a guy. I see what she's saying (Basara for instance becomes much more interesting if Tatara is, well, Tatara) but at the time my mind insisted that there was an exception right in front of me. There is, but it's not shoujo. It's Hellsing and Alucard.

It's a dilemma I never encounter in any m/f scenarios. I want to slash them and I can't: the givens simply will not allow of it. The erotic tension comes very much from the fact that she's a she and he's a he but circumstances work against the natural order that makes m/f inevitable. Both are the other's equal but in spheres so different there's no comparison between them and hence no judging which one is marginally the weaker. Neither is a romantic so the possibility of the romantic out can't be invoked. We're left with two people who have a great respect for each other and a special relationship that simply can't be sexualized. To do this in a m/f context is a high achievement.

But it seems to me that if you make Hellsing male you lose the erotic tension and the erotic impasse. It goes into by the numbers yaoi probably, and it certainly doesn't have the same frustrating punch. I think the reason is that Hellsing and Alucard are both of necessity seme. One has to bottom to the other; neither is likely to do it; but in my world the experienced seme who knows the moebius nature of the state is more likely to turn uke than the naive seme, who fears being uke. Which means Alucard bottoms to Hellsing. Which is hard to do m/f but quite possible m/m. If Hellsing were a principled man untrusting of vampires with a vampire among his servants, Alucard could do seductive-uke for his own reasons and lure overconfident Mr. Hellsing into bed and his doom-- or whatever doom Alucard had in mind. (Can something not human teach a human being lessons about the state of being human?) But Ms Hellsing has too much to lose to allow a male to entice her into a sexual situation, and certainly not a male vampire.

This suggests that when the female character gains the authority and autonomy of a fully-fledged male character, sex somehow becomes less likely, not more. Because of yaoi, not in spite of it.
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