mjj (flemmings) wrote,


Finished Men at Arms last night and went right out and bought two more Pratchetts this afternoon- new, not used, which is the sign of a true addiction. I think I read them most for Vetinari; am inclined to agree with the disgruntled American on whatever comm who said, in the middle of a Hilary-Obama debate, The hell with it, I'm voting for Vetinari.

Have also re-begun the rewatches of Woxin disk 7, which may eventually find its way to England. This because I gave in and admitted my sinus infection is a sinus infection and needs antibiotics: and between antibiotics and sinus infection I expect to feel lousy for the next few days, and can feel no lousier watching Xi Shi carted off to Wu to amuse King Dork. If I ever track down a region free player I shall get that Cantonese series and watch it as a corrective. I know Chinatown Centre has it for sure 'cause I saw it there.

(Using my 'Gou Jian with a sinus headache' icon for obvious reasons.)
Tags: pratchett, rl_08, woxin

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