mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'Amid May's misty blossoms I go down to Queen West'

Possibly 'you can go back to work when you feel up to it' doesn't translate as 'you can start by doing a full six hour shift no breaks.' I only think this because the rib ouchies that had been easing off a bit are now ouching again, so a quiet weekend and maybe even following week are indicated. These are my front ribs where there are no stitches at all. *I* think someone got a little forceful during the operation and it's internal bruising I'm dealing with.

To ensure a quiet weekend I went down to Chinatown Central last night in search of Chinese period dorama. And found them, including another Woxin if I want it, but all requiring region 6 DVD players. So sad. Bought pirated Chinese Ghost Story 3 and Bride With White Hair 1&2 instead, since neither are to be found elsewhere. The Chinese subtitles should be educational since the English ones will be risible.
Tags: rl_08, wuxia

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