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Lan Yu

So finally saw Lan Yu, the afternoon it was due back because I drag my feet about watching things. And yes, very nice. Hu Jun does look better without the fungus (even if Uncle Ming looks better with) and if that's the way China does manly men, I approve of China's standards. No Fu Chai dorkiness here. Of course, if Hu Jun were Japanese he'd be playing yakuza- his is the kind of face archetypal yakuza have there- with a punch perm, and my visual instincts kept insisting that he was a low-life yakuza even if he clearly wasn't supposed to be. (Couldn't keep his family and friends straight. Subtitles probably, though they weren't bad.) Liu Ye is also beautiful, so yes, fun all round.

Guys, guys, guys. Dead Faggot Syndrome doesn't play well any more. No truly, it doesn't. Specially when, as here, it's a totally arbitrary case of Dead Faggot Syndrome. I'm sure China has slightly different reasons for doing DFS than the States; no doubt here it's supposed to demonstrate the complete emotional committment Hu Jun's character has finally come round to having; but that, to me, quintessentially Japanese sentiment, 'I feel you're always beside me,' cuts little ice among roundeyes, who are apt to murmur 'and now there's nothing to stop him from catting around with other guys either.' Have cake and eat.

A low-key ordinary happi endo would have done just fine. No anticlimax at all. A happi endo for characters who traditionally aren't allowed happy endings is quite revolutionary enough.

Otherwise- I'm sure if it were snowing here as it is in Alberta I'd be hopping mad, having rescheduled the surgery precisely so I *wouldn't* have to be shovelling snow after it. (And ohh what a wise move that proved to be in the event.) Nonetheless a little cooler than these highs of 20 and 22 (high 60's, low 70's) would be appreciated. It feels all wrong when cherries bloom here at the same time they do in northern Japan, since they normally do it in early May.

And strike is off, stitch is pulled, thorn is removed from side. Only one front incision still grabs and pains now, and probably will for a while yet.
Tags: china, film, rl_08
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