mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Godchild 8

Finished. Now I feel sad.

Makes no difference that in Japan the series was over with five years ago. This is when it's over for me, and with it something that started in February 1994, which is a very long time ago. Mary-senpai had recc'd me the Count Cain series (then at a grand two volumes) and I picked it up round about the time my sister was visiting. I have a stray memory of that Friday night returning home to Heiwadai station and getting my books from the locker where I'd stashed them prior to, I guess, going out to dinner with my sister.

I was sad when Yuki Kaori took off on the Angel Sanctuary kick-- and kept on with the AS kick long after it had thoroughly lost itself in the wilderness. (Much less here than meets the eye.) And then I wasn't impressed when she picked Cain up again. Doldrums through Godchild 1-3 and couldn't be arsed to read 4. But then she found the groove again and these last volumes have been almost like old times. Almost. The kicker at the end of this one is classic batshit Yuki Kaori, but maybe I've mellowed over time because, enh, didn't bother me that much. Possibly because the typeface made understanding difficult to start with, so if she's actually proposing Alexis as a loving Papa I don't have to listen.

Ah well. Sic transit... And now back to my Chinese wuxia films.
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