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rasetsunyo's Distressed Dragon Kings (line art and coloured) have me thinking again. Goukou's elegant eyebrows are, as ever, elegant: someone should take fictional notice of them except it's not the place of anyone who's permitted to be close to him to comment on his physical attributes, even to themselves. Goushou's fire red hair, though, that I find myself liking more and more, might draw a poem from Pipang. I will think on these things and wait for my stupid shoulders to unknot. (Occurs to me suddenly that maybe stupid shoulders are knotting precisely because I haven't hefted a baby in almost a week? Sudden cessation of regular exercise etc. In which case I'm not sure what to do, because I'm not allowed to heft anything just now.)

What I'd give for a hot bubble bath. Stupid shunt holes just back of my right boob. The stitches everywhere else have presumably dissolved by now. It's just them.

I'd do the FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME meme except there's no FUCK YOU to it. No one's likely to disagree with my choices.

1. Ya Yu from Woxin for all the reasons I've stated.
2. Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon, because the first gets to have moral dilemmas and the second moral certainty.
3. Yu Shu-lien, Michelle Yeoh's character from Crouching Tiger, because obviously.
4. Kanzeon Bosatsu, if se counts, because obviously.
5. Ivanova from Babylon 5, because she gets to have complex moral dilemmas, unlike Delenn.
6. Lan Fan from FMA; well, and Maria Ross and Riza Hawkeye and just about any female who shows up in that manga; but Lan Fan presses all my Loyal Retainer buttons.
7. Kinu from 100 Demons, by far the most ambiguous of all Ima sensei's women, and not demented in the least.
8. Genkai from Yuyu Hakusho, because she preferred to grow old.
9. The Marschallin, from Strauss' opera Der Rosenkavalier, because she's cool and has cool music.

I'm missing someone here, some older French type person, but brain won't supply the name. Basara's Sarasa *should* be here, but her creator-induced 'penis mightier than the sword' syndrome disqualifies her.

And may I hope that whoever is spamming the world from my zombie email address so that I'm deluged with bounce notices will develop overnight leprosy and lose all their fingers. (I do mean spamming the world. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, German and something I don't have the character set for.)
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