mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Note to me: do not watch Hellsing with a fever.

Also: the really down side of staying home sick is the stunningly massive number of phone calls. Half are telemarketers wanting to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Johnson, a phrase that reduces me to foaming fury. Half are people from work who weren't listening yesterday when I said Don't call me to work for you tomorrow I'm sick. This /would/ reduce me to foaming fury if I wasn't used by now to working with narcissists.

Also: if there's a sillier point to rant and flame about than 'It's Alucard you dumb fuxx!!' 'No it's Arucard!!!', then I have not met it. People who have ranted on this point will remember the fact ten years hence and die a thousand deaths.
Tags: anime, hellsing, rl_05, wank

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