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Woxin rewatch eps 25 - 27

(counts on fingers)
1. Hei Yi needs to die in a fire.
2. Fu Chai needs to die in a fire.
3. Gongsun needs to die in a fire.
4. Woozy Xu needs to be dipped sloooowly into boiling oil, a little bit at a time, and then flambe'd after he's been tempura'd.

Are you getting the message that this section is so not fun?

Never mind the battle scenes shown in the credits with their grand armies crossing the plain. War is clearly a matter of small skirmishes between no more than 500 or a thousand men in this world, as our 'hunting trip' to Qi proves. And I'd be more interested in the doomed OTP of WZX and Fu Chai if they weren't both so unlikable. As it is-- could we watch someone else's tender love scenes? Anyone else's? Just not them?

Thoughts concerning the Feather Recitation:

1. What I never quite registered the first time- surely this was Fu Chai's own idea? Gou Jian's already presented him with his poetic recantation. ("Gou Jian misses the King," oy vey.) Great, says Fu Chai, we'll use that to demonstrate to Qi what happens when you're conquered. Wu is very very nice to you if you're properly repentant over the solecism of having been independent of Wu. Or whatever. So much more persuasive than offering the heads of conquered kings like my dear Chancellor-daddy wants me to. I mean, wouldn't *that* put a crimp in the celebration?

So Fu Chai knows it'll happen- he claps his hands as the signal for Gou Jian's entrance. What he may not have known was how dramatic Gou Jian would be about it. Which would explain his kerblonxedness, if kerblonxed he is, because I stll don't see it as such.

2. Much more tellingly, Gou Jian didn't discuss this beforehand with Ya Yu. Which is odd. Maybe he thought her natural reaction of distress was necessary somehow? I must assume he discusses it with her afterwards. The thing is, we know from the conversation before the later assassination attempt that the two of them do talk about the situation. (And personally I think it'd have been neater if that conversation didn't happen, because then we'd never have known whether Gou Jian did truly lose it after his son was killed, or if he still has hold of his sanity. Because of it we know- he does.)

Granted, I'm assuming Gou Jian apprises Ya Yu of his strategy after the Recitation because her reaction to Hao Jin's visit in 27 is so automatic. The king tells him to get lost, Hao Jin turns to her in distress, and she tells him to get lost too. Unless she's just really fast on the uptake and has figured out for herself what Gou Jian's doing, or just figured the necessity of following his lead always.

3. OK, I may juuust concede that WZX doesn't in fact have a personal animus against Gou Jian, because look at him lose his one and only chance to be rid of the man, that he passes up only because Fu Chai offers to kill GJ as a personal favour to WZX and not because he believes Gou Jian is as dangerous as WZX thinks he is. A bad moment to be taking the broad view of things and concerning himself over Fu Chai's development as a king, rather than concentrating on the practical and desired goal.

And frankly, even if he hated Gou Jian's guts with the heat of a thousand fiery suns, I can't see how WZX could behave any worse to him than he does- or any differently at all, come to that. Coming to rub it in that his son's dead, arranging for his wife to be raped-- he really is hell-bent on causing the very thing he says he's afraid of, making Gou Jian desperate to destroy Wu. But as he considers that a given of Gou Jian's nature anyway, he's not likely to see the problem.

He still needs to be dipped in batter and deep-fried. Slowly.

*Some* Fan Li love here: the only person who suggests the others consider this from the king's point of view and not their own.

The usual Wen Zhong love: let's not leap to conclusions, and when Hao Jin assures him the king has submitted, automatically wonders what Gou Jian's intentions are. *He* doesn't need to be told to consider how things look to Gou Jian.

Still deep confusion over Fu Chai strong-arming Fan Li and who's thinking what there. Fan Li is betting that Fu Chai's bluffing? Maybe. Gou Jian's betting that Fu Chai's bluffing? I think so, hence the jerk of his head when he hears Fu Chai give the actual order to hang him. Ya Yu to the rescue again, though now I'm wondering who she's doing it for- Fan Li himself, her own husband, or god forbid Xi Shi?

Have I mentioned Fu Chai needs to die in a fire? A homicidal bully, just like his brother.

Suggestions that things are getting to Ya Yu more and more after the death of her son. May explain why the profound break happened after ep 28.

Which I may just fast-forward through, Feather Recitation redaction or no.
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