mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Second watch

Wait, wait- what? *That* was Bo Pi? The dorky schoolmaster in Rainbow, **that** was Bo Pi?? Dear God, look what happens when you age an actor down. I literally did /not/ recognize him.

Rather impressive, actually.

And Rainbow sticks about in the head, far more than Hero. It's the vibrant sun-drenched colours, not nearly as schematized as Hero's, that seem to have inspired at least two dreams of mine this week. But a rewatch says the subtitles didn't translate what I think a rather important piece of script- literal script, something Uncle Ming's character writes- supposing I'm actually reading the script correctly.

Uncle Ming also gets to share screen time with another horse. Not as beautiful as Gou Jian's horse, but still... endearing.
Tags: film, woxin

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