mjj (flemmings) wrote,


Watched Rainbow tonight.

....watched Rainbow tonight.

.......the fuck???

1. Uncle Ming looks immensely young though it was made only two years before Woxin.

2. Somebody has been watching too much Suzuki Seijun.

3. Uncle Ming continues not to sound like Gou Jian. This distresses me.

4. Somebody has been watching too much Zhang Yimou.

5. Uncle Ming is so beautiful that, even if his character has been emasculated in the war, any woman would be glad to be married to him. That the director didn't think of this proves only that the director is a man.

6. Somebody has been reading too much early American lit.

7. Uncle Ming is not so beautiful that he can fail of looking silly in a feathered shako. Possibly he's meant to. Truly, did revolutionary armies in the 30's wear uniforms like that?

8. The online reviews say it's about sexual politics and that it's full of surrealistic paintings. The reviewers seem to have missed the entire point of the film; and equally know nothing about modern art.

9. One rather suspects the reviewers were saying 'the fuck??? themselves a lot too.
Tags: film, woxin
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