mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy Sunday

I have Rainbow

I have Second Cup Easter cookies.

I have random inspiration.  Losses on the dragon kings means profits on the Woxin A/U. Hurray.
      "That Wen Zhong of yours is insufferable." Fu Chai shoves his stone over a space.
      "Ah." Gou Jian ponders his move. "He is."
      "Then why do you suffer him?"
      "Why do you put up with the Chancellor?"
      "He's gifted and loyal."
       "And Bo Pi?"
       "He's gifted and--- he provides a check to the Chancellor."
       Gou Jian moves his piece. "Wen Zhong's useful in the same way. He does what no one else can do."
       Fu Chai grunts as his eyes take in the new configuration. "I was going to kill him the first time we met."
        Gou Jian's lips twitch briefly. "The feeling is understandable. But you can't, in the end. There'd always be the suspicion that you did it from cowardice- because you didn't care to hear a plain truth plainly spoken."
        "Aside from Wen Zhong himself, no one would think that of a king."
        "We would," Gou Jian says.
        "*We* are the only we here," Fu Chai reminds him, and moves a piece.
        "Your Majesty's pardon. This person himself would," Gou Jian says, and takes two of Fu Chai's stones. Fu Chai stares at the board.
Tags: fic, film, woxin

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