mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The road to Shu is frikking impossible, guys.

The story doesn't have to be perfect, the story has to be finished.

The theory is that if I keep on writing 200 words every day, and editing them for half an hour on the next day before writing another 200 words, this looking-to-be 25,000 word story will eventually get finished.

Except that most days the best I can manage is well below 100 words.

And even the sex scenes are impossible.

(cue the choir)
One more mountain to climb,
one more river to cross,
I've come such a long long way and still,
I got a long way to go.
Weary all of the time,
I've been tumbled and tossed,
there's always one more mountain to climb
and one more river to cross.

Neil Sedaka may have written the lyrics but he surely didn't sing the gospel version I remember hearing.
Tags: music, writing

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