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There we go. stormcloude finds me the fix for right justification. All hail stormcloude, who reads lj news so I don't have to.

Go to manage -> customize-> customize options (the confusing-to-me 'more options: customize your theme' afterthought on the main customize page.)

Scroll down to the 'Customize your theme' section, and the last item in the side bar there: Custom css

Scroll down again (maybe high resolutions don't have to scroll, but mine does) to the Custom stylesheet box that opens up, which if you're me will already have code to get rid of the navigation bar.

Add this line to the box:
table.standard td {text-align: left;}

Click save changes under the box.

Works. Thank you stormcloude!!

Except it only works in *my* journal. When I read other people's FLs, back we go to right alignment. style=mine works for the first page but I've never figured out to get skip=20 and style=mine to work together.
Tags: lj, techy

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