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Have finished second last volume of Godchild. I think, even when I was a teenager and vulnerable, as teenagers are, to the Cold Unfeeling Heartless Kewl character, that I'd have wanted to say SHUT UP ALREADY to Alexis. As it is I imagine him with a bad case of stomach flu. Bwah-hah-hah!! doesn't go well with cramping bowels and dashes to the loo.

And I continue to make copious notes for Kaiei at the Southern Ocean. This is happy-making. Unfortunately I can't write from the notes because the action bores me to pieces, and every few sentences I feel the need to go play solitaire. So I continue to make notes hoping to find the warm spot in this story, and suspecting there isn't one, and suspecting the reason there isn't one is that Goushou is acting like an adult in front of his nephew. Now the *sequel*, which siren-songs me constantly, has Goushou- *and* Goukou in his fashion and even Gouen if I can do it properly- all acting like children while still trying to act like adults, which is much more fun to play with.
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