September 20th, 2021


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Not sure when today turned into a complete Won't day but it might have been last night whn I lay awake for hours and then had to be up at 9. Curtailed my first batch of exercises because too stiff to do without pain. Took my opioid cough medicine for spasming allergy cough and then had muscle spasms through acupuncture, a common side effect of codeine for me. Honestly can't see how anyone can get hooked on opioids when they have such weird and generally unpleasant side effects. Came home, sat on couch, told two canvassers that I'd already voted, got scheduled call from my money people conducting the requisite yearly update on my holdings, sat through that making agreeable sounds, and then could relax.*

By that point we were definitely into Won't territory, so I have done no exercise at all and ordered in pizza for dinner. Maybe tomorrow I'll be out of the September doldrums. It's headachy weather out there, and I'm having Ghost Tide flashbacks to 1975, in Toulouse with K in this same too humid, too bright, too busy and (at that time) too foreign and strange world. In the pandemic absence of living people around me, it's too easy for the Ghost Tide to bring the ghosts. Well, in three more days it can be 1990's Japanese ghosts, which are much more congenial.

*Though my money woman asked me three times if my monthly remittance was enough, was I sure I had enough, how much OAS am I getting, is it enough for my needs. I should really have taken the hint and said oh no, send me a couple hundred more, and started paying down my line of credit. But I generally believe in keeping my capital and interest reserved for big ticket items, like roofs. Because if I have extra money I fritter it away on things like pizza.