September 16th, 2021

hasui moon at magome

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Have a date for surgery now, Oct 21. Was offered the 4th but. Kokoro no junbi aside, (I'm not reeeady!) five more weeks gives me time to get my new health card which I don't want arriving when I'm not there. Gets me Thanksgiving as well, though lord knows where I'll be having it. But mostly, I expect bro and s-i-l to take off for the cottage that week or weekend and I rather expect to need bro's help getting to hospital and back, whenever and wherever back is.

An oddity this morning. I bought a new bar of carbolic soap and as I washed my hands with it, realized I couldn't smell it. Carbolic has a strong smell so I should be able to-- from several feet away, actually. Well, smell gets blunted in the allergy season, but... I could smell everything else. Mouthwash, toothpaste, and the soap I use in the kitchen. But somehow this bar of carbolic has no smell.

Workman came and trimmed both the hedge and the overgrown backyard vines. Will return Tuesday to stain stairs, if it doesn't rain, and will also replace the crumbling wooden steps out back. This is going to cost me, and I wonder at the sense of shelling out money for something I may not be using for long. But as with the bunker roof, better safe than sorry.