September 12th, 2021

hasui rain

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My south next door is having a birthday party in her back yard, under a large red patio umbrella because rain is forecast, and has set up the buffet in her garage, which saves trips up and down stairs to her kitchen. This strikes me as a very 30s thing to do because my own dinner party going, and very occasionally giving, was confined to that decade. (There were parties in my 20s as well, but I've blotted my 20s from memory. No, 30s is when it happened.) It was all over by 40, largely because I was intent on Japan, but also because by then I'd dropped all my academic... acquaintances, let's call them. They were hardly friends in any real sense of the word. Which is another reason I've buried my 20s. Yes, well-read (English majors) and witty on occasion, but their main activity was one-upping each other in any way they could. *Such* an unpleasant bunch of people.

There was a different bunch of people in my 40s with whom I dined and partied on trips home from Japan-- people I'd worked with or studied Japanese with-- but they're all scattered to the four corners of the earth now. And now my friends are almost all online, because Toronto is nearly as bad as Boston for making friends. If you didn't go to university with them, like my brother's friends, you stay acquaintances, unless like my sister you belong to the same church or something. This is why I'm kind of thinking of getting a dog if I become mobile again, because dogs give you a social circle in this town.