September 10th, 2021

100 demons qwerty

In which I am fretful and busy

Ah well. Applied for health card renewal- 'in 4 to 6 weeks and meanwhile use this piece of paper'- without too much hassle, apart from the lack of signage at College Park as to where the accessible entries are. Didn't even have to deal with cabbies calling my phone (which died on me in spectacular colours just as I completed the call from my house) because I hailed one from the street.

Renewed ID card online last night but mistyped my email address so no receipt for same. I have been Fuzzy McFuzzperson this last little while. Will blame ragweed allergies which are unexpectedly ferocious this year.

There's a whole saga about getting the money to pay the roofers. Bref, my money people said they'd transfer it on Thursday but Thursday evening there was no sign of it. Called this morning bright and early, was assured funds were definitely in my account, by 2 pm there was still no sign of it, called again, was told funds were transferred this morning. In the end did what I should have done in the first place, wrote a cheque on my line of credit and gave to He-NND who, as it happens, hadn't given our cheques to the roofers when the guys came by Thursday to do finishing touches. (I have a cupola that has a knob on the top. Apparently my knob was listing at a slight angle. I can't even see it because of the trees in the way but it bothered He-NND enough that he called them back in.) Probably a good thing because I wrote the sum wrong on my first cheque. Fuzz, as I say.

So that's sorted at least.