September 8th, 2021

hasui clouds of glory

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Yesterday evening's severe thunderstorms were still revving up for an encore (or two, or three) when I went to bed last night, so to avoid being jolted awake by thunder cracks I put in my super snazzy new ear plugs. And was jolted awake several times because 'crap I don't hear the air conditioner we must be having a blackout!' Which means they work.

The exercise bike and the kanji study both fell prey to August. Am trying to get back to them but the looming operation makes me question the point. I go deer in the headlights whenever anything unpleasant is on the horizon. Having people around cushions that instinct but I have no people around. Also September mug is nearly as debilitating as August mug: I want only to do the thing I mustn't do, which is curl up on sifa or bed and not move. Should get up and move every fifteen minutes and I simply don't want to.