September 6th, 2021

hasui clouds of glory

Life was slow and oh so mellow

Early morning storm with quite civil rolling thunder woke me at 5 or so. Thunder in this town only too frequently acts like those planes in the air show, cracking the sound barrier and rattling the windows. Then went back to sleep for a pleasant dream about Stephen-or-was-it Rob?at work (or was it a totally different gay guy?) and his impressive five storey Dutch style house, and a trans male child who used to be at our daycare (they're not, as far as I know; they're the child of our city's most prominent trans activists) and some very lovely old friends whom I've never met. And now the day is calm sun and clouds from a different era- 2000, I think. A time when August wasn't a teeth-gritting endurance test and September an anxious hell of new babies one per week, howling and inconsolable. This is only the second year I've been free of that and now I can barely recall what it was like.

Mr. Google tells me that my knee turning exercise is to be done while turning the whole leg to the side, which makes it infinitely easier to do.

Otherwise spent the werkend reading Agatha Christies, the first and last Poirots. Evidently I'd never read Curtain- Poirot's Last Case before. Makes a high note to go out on.