September 5th, 2021

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Some day I'll manage four sets of exercises but not today. Thought I would, by virtue of being awake at 6 and not able to sleep again, so did all the exercises and did them for both legs, because the right one has taken to twinging mightily in the night. And I'll have to do both legs after the operation anyway. But today was an achy day and doing the bare minimum was almost too much.

Took watch down to the store yesterday. He was on lunch so I left it and went to th library to see if my perpetually in transit book had shown up, because holds have a way of appearing on Saturdays. But no joy, so went back and he didn't have the right kind of battery, so no joy there either. Googling tells me that my man in the Dufferin Mall is open, so I suppose I could cab it there. Some day when I can walk again. I shall be spending a fortune on taxis anyway in the coming weeks- health card and acupuncture and the walker rental place, except that they no longer rent. Actually, I shall be spending a fortune on this operation, period, and that's before rehab.