September 3rd, 2021

pissy red dragon from tammylee

All my trials and tribulations

Sinking in a gentle pool of gin and tonic.

Screw courage to sticking point, figure Friday before holiday weekend will be empty at gov't offices, get health card stuff together and cab down, to find a line outside the entrance to the building and a sign: Due to the high volume etc etc we will try to accommodate walk-ins but recommend you book an appointment. This information appears nowhere on the government's website, of course. Cab back with a cabby who has no idea where he's going even with his ruddy GPS right in front of him. 'I tried to call you- tried twice-' Did my phone ring or vibrate? No. It rings for spam calls but never for cab drivers.

Come home, go to webpage, find 'book an appointment, drop down menu gives me a list of dates, select date, get message 'this date is not available', select another date', menu gives me a list of times, select time, get message 'this time is not available, select another time' and at least this time I get a list of viable options. So am booked for next week when rain is forecast.

Technology, feh. I suppose it beats doing this by phone.