September 1st, 2021

hasui moon at magome

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So, after yesterday's busy day, everything ached and spasmed all through the night. Finally stuck one of the bedside tennis balls under my IT band and slept sweetly thereafter. Must remember for future recurrences.

Dentist today, first time since Dr. Barbara retired. Gather that her replacement is also a personal friend, given that she calls her Barb. Also commented on my gold crown, remarking that there are patients who got their gold crowns from Dr. Barbara's father, retired in the mid-90s, which are still perfect. So those several thousand dollars last spring were evidently worth it.

They want us to renew our health cards by next February. 'We recommend that you do this online.' Well, allow people with an Ontario ID to do it online and we will. But no, must have a driver's licence for that, and everyone else can haul their asses down to one of the few centres that are open. This government, I swear to god: of the vehicled, by the vehicled, for the vehicled. And if Torontonians are, by and large, unvehicled, so much the better: Conservatives hate Toronto, which returns the feeling with interest. But I guess I shall make an expedition down to Bay and College some day soon.