August 1st, 2021

hiroshige: foxfires on musashino

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Cool, grey, autumnal. Foretaste of the reward one gets for living through August.

Apparently after age sixty-five you're supposed to hold stretches for a minimum 45 seconds and an optimal 60+. I hate counting seconds because the proper speed is far too slow for me so I double time it for twice as long, but even then I'm often triple timing. Finally, finally, realized I could use my phone for this and did, this morning. I resent my phone and don't use it more than I have to, but now the timer on my bicycle is bust (the battery I bought for it isn't really thick enough) the phone is the go-to. Unless I use the unsatisfactory downstairs tablet, which has its own quirks, like dropping my internet connection every time it's turned off. Must turn off wifi and turn it back on again and only then does it go looking for networks in range.

Of course this morning the upstairs tablet's keyboard wouldn't work either and I had to google help on my phone. Clear the cache, as ever, which I somehow manged to do even though the instructions were all for android phones, which are of course differently set up and differently labelled from tablets. Technology, feh.

Day began with recurring dream of 'remember that person you murdered that you forgot you did?' Only this time everyone knew I'd murdered her because I was covered in blood. So convincing was it that even after I was fully awake I believed it, and the fact that I literally haven't seen her in over thirty years seemed an unlikely proposition given the certainty that I'd hacked her to death.

The other thing I must do daily is lie with my feet up against a wall for half an hour to combat edema. Boring as all get out but it really does seem to loosen things up somehow. I can be persuaded to do boring exercises if I actually feel better afterwards, which is not always the case. Of course stretches are more immediate gratification than strengthening, but strengthening is long term and stretches aren't. Granted, neither has worked for my lower back after three years, but I live in hope.