July 27th, 2021

hasui clouds of glory

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To dinner with the bro and s-i-l at their regular French bistro. We were going to be indoors, since foreast was for rain all today, but the staff saw me limping with my cane and suggested we eat outdoors on the terrace and not negotiate the two stairs up three down of the dining room. Rain had stopped by then so we did. Felt weird not to be masking and to be sitting a mere table's width away from people. I've been leaving my mask off when walking the side streets, just pulling it up when people pass, but to be unmasked for two hours in company is bliss. And I do miss talking to them because past visits have usually been fleeting 20 minute affairs that don't promote conversation. Am also chuffed because I took my cane rather than the Gandalf staff and was perfectly fine walking with it.

Doctor is back, will call me Friday, so I can get that referral. Things move again.