July 2nd, 2021

hasui rain

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Maybe it's my tablets synching with each other, maybe it's just google chrome being arbitrary, but the settings and presentation on this beast have switched themselves around again so that everything is in handheld mode, logins won't automatically remember my passwords (but password manager does, so I keep having to click things) and the fonts are teeny. Bleh.

Finished Dodger. Guess it must be historical A/U because Solomon's hairy revolutionary friend Karl, with whom he fled pogroms in Russia, can't possibly be this-world's Karl Marx, that German thinker from a comfortable (more or less) bourgeois background.

The rain they predicted all day didn't show up till 4 so I could have got out for a walk in the afternoon, if I hadn't been reading Dodger and eating A&W order-in hamburgers. Protein cravings: they happen.