June 9th, 2021


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Spent the last two days ereading books and doing nothing else.

Yesterday was prime rainy season weather- not hot but muggy and humid and grey and given to rain. Today was muggy and humid and sunny and therefore steeeamy, so was also sit in front of the fan and don't move. Thus have finished the fifth Vinyl Detective book, which I didn't know existed until someone in the FB RoL group mentioned it has a cameo appearance by one of said Rivers. Today I romped through a Campion and started another, so go me. Also swifteted kitchen floor, did my bicycling and kanji which I notably did not do yesterday, and put out the garbage. Garden waste and garbage pickup Thursdays always happen early so must go out the night before, unlike recycles which famously comes somewhere between 1 and 3, always when I'm headed to acupuncture. Was of two minds whether to put out my small bag of trash or save it for next time, but a good thing I did, because two weeks ago someone dropped a doggie bag in my garbage bin after pickup and, I assume, closed the lid so my kind next door, who brings my bins back along with her own, wasn't aware of it. The pong was something else. Shall have to put bleach or something in it after tomorrow's pickup.