May 31st, 2021

goujun by rasetsunyo

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Because it's the end of the month my body has suddenly put on a kilo and change. I trist this is the effect of sandwiches and gin a week ago, but if it is then my metabolism has speeded up, because it's usually more of a ten day lag.

To counteract wanhope and approaching heat, I've been indulging in online retail therapy. Thus have ordered four new masks, a shower chair, vermouth, and two straw brooms. The latter will cost me $60 because the delivery is pricier than the brooms' actual cost. But Canadian Tire wouldn't let me get them delivered, and anyway CT takes six weeks to get around to sending stuff. So shou ga nai.

By way of demonstrating to me that I can so too walk without support, I got to the drugstore for much needed supplements and antihistamines, and didn't fall, but it seems to me I'm much shakier on my bad leg than a year ago. So I'm still in wanhope. But succeeded in pumping the bike's front tire yesterday and it's now so much easier to ride. Might even overcome my anxiety and pump the back as well.