May 27th, 2021

pissy red dragon from tammylee

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Vice is its own punishment. Took sheets and bathrobe to the laundromat whose owners are trying to sell it so that an increasing number of broken machines don't get fixed. Went up to cafe in the meantime, got a latte and a choco-chip cookie. Owner was wearing some kind of Axe cologne, got it on the cup and cookie bag, so I got it on my hands, and didn't have my sanitizer so yuck Axe smell on my hands for the next half hour. Came home and washed hands three times and only when I used the 'removes axle grease' soap did the smell disappear.

New tablet came. Won't synchronize with the old tablet or phone- both are too out-dated even though the latter is only four years old- and the interface is different and it doesn't have the option to show tabs open at the bottom and it's different from what I'm used to so I hate it.

Also: I want another long tshirt to sleep in. Plain thin cotton that comes below my knees, because above knees doesn't keep my tush warm and can't be worn in, say, rehab settings. I order from Old Navy, guaranteed 100% cotton. and yes it comes below the knees but it's far too heavy for summer sleeping in. All I want is a long tshirt why is that too much to ask for?