May 20th, 2021

mosquito coil from kaka

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Cotton sheets on the bed, fans in all the rooms, and window AC going in the front bedroom. Am armed as much as possible against the mini-heatwave. And nice to sit in a long t-shirt with the air playing over my legs, and back supported by two pillows because yikes was my lower back a pain today.

However, as I was putting socks and fall tops and trousers away for the summer, chanced on another pair of too-small lightweight pants I'd forgotten I bought-- gauzy and green, and those now fit me fine, so that's good. Also, since I tend to walk rather than bike to anything but acupuncture, I can wear those long gauzy dresses bought in past years, and rarely used because billowing skirts are not a good fit for bicycle chains. I won't complain if the weather drops back to the teens but I'm ready if it doesn't.